Oleandri Cab Franc





  • Reductive and herbaceous, this wine offers a wealth of mountain tannin, concentration and intensity—all ripe in espresso bean, baked plum and lavender. Structured and moderately complex, it delivers additionally strong, powerful layers of spice and oak.

Stagecoach is one of Napa’s iconic mountain vineyards, climbing between 900 and 1700 feet up the southern face of Pritchard Hill onto Atlas Peak. The site is planted to a wide range of varietals and rootstocks, and features several distinct microclimates. Our Cabernet Franc is from the most sought-after section – Block I. This stretch of low yielding vines delivers unparalleled aromatics of red fruit and soft berry, which gradually gives way to refined minerality and light herbaceous notes for wine of unparalleled elegance.

Oleandri Cab Franc