WSET Level 2-Wine (OCT 9th - NOV 4th)


The WSET Level 2 Wines is an intermediate level course with a focus on wines from the major wine regions of the world.  You’ll learn the characteristics of all the major, and several minor, grape varieties; the styles of wine they produce; and how to use label information to understand a wine’s quality and style. You’ll also learn how wine grapes are grown, how wine is made and the differences between the key sparkling, sweet and fortified wines of the world.  This course is for consumers who have a serious interest in wine and also professionals working in the wine and hospitality industries who want to expand their knowledge.  You’ll learn proper tasting techniques with the WSET Level 2 systematic approach to tasting wine. 

The WSET Level 2 Award in Wine class is a Hybrid 5 week schedule consisting of virtual and in person tasting/lecture sessions that runs for five weeks, including the exam.  (16 hours of class time and a one-hour exam consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions on a separate exam date.)  The exam takes one hour to complete.  At home study is recommended to successfully complete the course. 

WSET Level II Hybrid Course - 4 week schedule
Weekly schedule:
Week 1: 2 hour virtual lecture, Monday 6-8pm (October 9)
     2 hour in person Tasting+lecture Weekend in person 12:30-2:30(October 14)
Week 2: 2 hour virtual lecture, Monday 6-8pm (October 16 )
     2 hour virtual lecture, Tuesday 6-8pm (October 17)
Week 3: 2 hour virtual lecture, Monday 6-8pm (October 23)
     2 hour virtual lecture, Tuesday (October 24)
     2 hour in person tasting+lecture, Weekend in person 12:30-2:30(October28)
Week 4: 2 hour virtual lecture, Monday 6-8pm (October 30 )
     1 hour exam, Saturday 1:00-2:00 pm (November 4)

Successful candidates receive the WSET® Level 2 Award in Wines

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