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Speri Sant’ Urbano Appassimento: 

70% Corvina, 25% Rondinella, and 5% Molinara.  Sant’Urbano is a place of exceptional beauty where the vines, olive trees and cherry trees seem to have found their natural position among the winding curves of the hills of the municipality of Fumane.  The estate covers 19 hectares (47 acres) and is between 280 and 350 meters above sea level. The soil is volcanic in origin and a mixture of chalk and clay!  Appassimento, or grape-drying, is something that has been around since the beginning of wine.  It is a natural way to increase the concentration of sugar and flavour in the grapes. As a result, an authentic local wine is produced which elegantly exhibits a delightful complex fruity aroma and spicy tones complemented with good acidity and just the right alcohol content! – Veneto, Italy

Speri Sant' Urbano Amarone della Valpolicella D.o.c. Classico

Vigneto Monte Sant’Urbano

Undisputedly symbolic of the Speri company, the Amarone Monte Sant’Urbano is a superb example of a fine, classic wine. It is an extraordinary wine with great complexity and a vigorous structure which has always been top for its elegance and quality.
After carefully selecting the best bunches from the prestigious Monte Sant’Urbano vineyard, the grapes are left to dry for a long period (3-4 months depending on the vintage year). This creates a wine with plenty of structure and softness which will certainly age well.

Speri Ripasso Amarone Gift Box $100