Max Richter Zeppelin Riesling



The Mülheimer Sonnenlay is the largest single Richter vineyard and the source of the world-renowned “Zeppelin” Riesling. The vineyard sits on the west-southwestern side of a slate stone hill south of Mülheim, a dry riverbed formed during the last ice age 250,000 years ago. The name of the vineyard– Sonne (sunshine) and lay (slate stone) –perfectly describes the characteristics of the site. This often extremely steep vineyard has a loose slate stone soil structure that is enriched by pebbles, loam and sand deposited by the ancient river. This kind of soil creates wines that combine typical slate stone mineral character with animated and elegant fruitiness. The label comes in the 1920 art deco artist label designed by Bauhaus artist Hans Schlösser and commemorates the fact that the Mülheimer Sonnenlay was proudly served on board the luxurious airships “Graf Zeppelin” and “Hindenburg”.

Tasting Notes

Smells apple, citrus and slate stone. Clean pure structure; mineral texture with rich mouth-filling flavours of orchard fruits and juicy layers. Shows a well zesty and spicy refreshing style. Well-balanced structure, animating. The elegant fruit structure finishes with great length.

Technical Data

Vintage:  2021

Grape:  Riesling

Country:  Germany

Region:  Mosel

ABV:  11%

Max Richter Zeppelin Riesling