Foradori Fontanasanta



Elisabetta Foradori is a dynamic woman. When you meet her, you can  just sense this. It's no wonder her wines are also full of energy and character. She took over her family's estate in the Dolomites after her father died prematurely. At that time, the wines of the region were locally consumed, and the native varieties were not thought to be the stuff of world class wines.
All of this is changing, with Elisabetta almost single-handedly credited with turning international attention toward previously "locals-only" wines. Committed to reviving indigenous varieties, Biodynamic farming, and non-interventionist cellar practices, Elisabetta crafts wines of great purity and finesse.
This white wine is made from the variety Manzoni Bianco, which itself is actually a cross of Riesling and Pinot Bianco. From the Fontanasanta vineyard, 400 meters in elevation, the grapes are fermented for approximately a week in both anfora and stainless steel. The result is a bone dry wine with subtle but distinctive aromatics and texture. This is a wine with body and soul.
Foradori Fontanasanta