Elio Perrone Bigaro Brachetto



Elio Perrone winery is a husband and wife team.  Stefano focuses on making wines that are unique and pay homage to the land they come from.  His wife, Giuliana, designs all the bottle labels which change with each vintage.  This is true of the wines as well.  Stefano has a vision for what he wants each wine to look like based upon the climate and growing conditions each year.  Muscat and Brachetto combine to provide the best of what each has to offer. Muscat acquires the red fragrance and flavors, while Brachetto the peach and lemon colors. In the words of Stefano, this wine was "created this wine for romantic nights."  

Tasting Notes

Cherry color, with purplish tinges. Ampie and cogent wine; wild strawberry, raspberry and rose notes.
Sweet as well as nice acidity makes a fragrant and well-balanced wine.

Technical Data

Grapes:  Brachetto and Muscat

Country:  Italy

Region:  Piedmonte

Vintage:  2022

Elio Perrone Bigaro Brachetto