Le Potazzine Toscana



Country/State: Italy
Region: Tuscany, Montalcino
Varietal: Sangiovese
Le Potazzine Parus follows the vintage choice on the vineyards of Brunello, this elegant product is obtained from them.  100 % Sangiovese and fermented natural, without using yeasts.  Ruby red in color and intense, fruity and intensely lingering aromatics with a spicy hint. On the Palate this Sangiovese is velvety, elegant, properly tannic, with a stylish aftertaste and sweetish hints in the finish.  
Potazzine is the Italian word for very colorful and vivacious birds which inhabit the Tuscan countryside.  In Montalcino, grandparents and parents alike often use potazzine as a term of endearment for children.   In fact, it was their maternal grandmother who affectionately gave this nickname to Viola and Sofia who are the daughters of Giuseppe and Gigliola Gorelli, owners of the estate and 
genuinely authentic locals of Montalcino.
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Le Potazzine Toscana