Caparone Sangiovese Paso Robles




Grape: Sangiovese

Paso Robles, CA

With a taste that is very much like a traditional Chianti Classico, this Sangiovese has a light-to medium-bodied, very dry, with excellent acidity, and with flavors reminiscent of tart cherries, with a slightly nutty character.

In the latter part of the 1970s about a dozen Sangiovese cuttings were brought to California by no less a personage than the Prince di Napoli-Rampolla. They were reportedly obtained from the Il Poggione Estate at Montalcino. Caparone was able to obtain cuttings from the few resulting vines which were propagated for their Sangiovese planting!!

Reg - 21.99

Caparone Sangiovese Paso Robles