Sicilia Bianco Grillo Mary Taylor

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100% Grillo 

This is 100% Grillo grown in the Gorghi Tondi and Preola Lake Nature Reserve in Western Sicily, slightly south of Marsala in the commune of Mazara del Vallo. 100% organic.

2 sisters, Clara and Anna Maria Sala, own this organic farm in Mazara del Vallo (a city well known for it’s fishing, and famous for it’s shrimp). A bird sanctuary surrounds the winery of 115 hectares. This property was a split-off from the old Cantine Pellegrino and is now all women-owned, (all too rare in Italy).

Our collaboration together for this 100% Grillo started with an introduction to the winery by mutual friends. We loved the density and bright acidity of this Grillo. These grapes are grown in a 1 hectare parcel called “Contrada San Nicola” which lies on a slight slope of sandy limestone. Everything from the vines to the winemaking is certified organic and done by hand – including the harvest.  The grapes skins macerate with the juice for 4 hours. The juice stays on its lees for 4 months. The wine rests in tanks for a minimum of 8 months.


We love the rich saline / citrus Mediterranean brightness of this wine – infinitely drinkable. Pair with all kinds of light healthy Mediterranean foods especially seafood!


Sicilia Bianco Grillo Mary Taylor