Kiuva Superiore Picotendro



The winery is a cooperative made up of about 50 growers.  Everything is harvested by hand and their focus is on native Italian grapes.  The region is Valle d'Aosta in the North Western portion of Italy.  The region borders both Switzerland and France.  The location is important because the altitudes of the vineyards are some of the highest in Italy.  The altitude helps the grapes become more balanced by retaining more of the acidity in the grape.  Also, this allows the fruit to be more fresh.

Winemaker's Notes

Fine and intense aromas that give sensations of red fruits and spices with nutty and jammy notes.  The wine is dry, smooth but harmonious and strong. 

Technical Data

Vintage:  2018

Country:  Italy

Region:  Vallee d'Aosta

Grape:  Picotendro 

ABV:  14.5%

Kiuva Superiore Picotendro