Heirloom Velvet Fog Pinot Noir



Heirloom Vineyards was conceived in vintage 2000, when a young winemaking student caught the eye of a silly old wine judge. A love story ensued inspired by two vows: To preserve the best of tradition, the old world of wine and our unique old vineyards and to champion the best clones of each variety planted in the most appropriate sites embracing the principals of organic and biodynamic farming. Seven long vintages of trial and error passed before Heirloom Vineyards could make a wine that was fine enough to pass on to future generations. That is this wine.

Tasting Notes

Upright berry fruits, then tannins more grounded and grounding; power and guile. The power is the bottomless core of dark blackberry fruits; the guile comes courtesy of the keen Adelaide hills pinot noir acidity. The tannins return at palate’s end, with a firm handshake.

Technical Data

Vintage:  2022

Grape:  Pinot Noir

Country:  Australia

Region:  Adelaide Hills

ABV: 13%

Heirloom Velvet Fog Pinot Noir