Dom Karydas Naoussa


Established 20-plus years ago by Konstantinos Karydas and now run by his son, Petros, this small six acre estate is absolutely stunning. The philosophy is simple yet painstaking: grow nothing but the absolute best fruit nature can allow and then have a minimalist winemaking style.  Xinomarvo (pronounced ksee-NO-mah-vro) is the noblest red grape variety in Greece.  The vineyard is a sandy, clay hillside which helps produce a charmingly rustic expression of the grape.  Anyone who is a fan of Nebbiolo will surely love this wine.  

Tasting Notes

Fantastic spicy fruit with mid-weight texture and power with integrated but firm tannins.  The wine is dominated by notes of purple flowers, dried fruit and roasted meats.    




Technical Data

Grape:  Xinomarvo

Vintage:  2015

Country:  Greece

Region:  Naoussa

ABV:  13.5%

Dom Karydas Naoussa