Cardedu Canonau Caladu



Cannonau is Sardegna's version of Spanish Garnacha and is the island's number 1 planted grape.  In order to achieve its peak ripeness, the Cannonau grape needs a hot climate which the island provides.  The vineyards of Cardedu are located in the most mountainous and sparsely populated area of Sardegna.  The old vines, average age of 50 years, give great depth to the grapes.  The decomposed granite soils keep the wines fresh and give a true sense of place. 

Tasting Notes

The wine is spicy and smoky with fresh fleshy fruit and dusty tannins. 

Technical Data

Grape:  Cannonau

Country:  Italy

Region:  Sardegna

ABV:  13.5%

Cardedu Canonau Caladu