WSET Level 2 Wine O2WI2420APP

WSET Level 2 Wine Online

$795 The cost includes all study materials, tuition, in person examination fee, samples for SAT tasting sessions, and postage charges.

4/29/2024-6/02/2024, WSET Global Classroom. No Lectures.

In Person Exam June 8th 2024 11:00am at Corvina Wine Bar 6038 W. Lincoln Ave. West Allis, WI

The WSET Level 2 Award in Wine is an intermediate level course with a focus on wines from the major wine regions of the world.  You’ll learn the characteristics of all the major, and several minor, grape varieties; the styles of wine they produce; and how to use label information to understand a wine’s quality and style. You’ll also learn how wine grapes are grown, how wine is made and the differences between the key sparkling, sweet and fortified wines of the world.  This course is for consumers who have a serious interest in wine and also professionals working in the wine and hospitality industries who want to expand their knowledge.  You’ll learn proper tasting techniques with the WSET Level 2 systematic approach to tasting wine.

This course is taught online via the WSET Global Classroom. There are no scheduled lectures. Instead, this flexible study program offers quizzes and activities online with a tutor. The in-person exam takes place at Corvina Wine Bar at 6038 W. Lincoln Ave. in West Allis, WI.  The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions; you will have one hour to take the exam.  A log-in code will be sent to you by WSET the week that the class opens.  Your study material will be sent to you via mail as soon as you purchase the class.

Recommended wine tasting samples will be available at Corvina for retail purchase at a discounted rate for WSET students.  A list of recommended wines for WSET L2 wine is available in the specification and will be sent with registration. 

WSET Level 2 Wine O2WI2420APP